Meet Our Team and Supporters

We unite for a common purpose: Human Rights starting with clean water for all children.

Mission 2030

From all walks of life and from all over the world, we are united by one goal. To end poverty and ensure every child has clean water, food and shelter. Add your voice to Mission 2030 to help our team and support the children who need us the most.

Rez Haremi

Founder, CEO & board director

Rez is a visionary social entrepreneur who inspires through his commitment and his true belief that he is here to serve. He walks the talk and works hard to turn his dreams of helping achieve 'UN SDG Target 6.1 - clean water for all' into reality.

Rez is a systems architect and innovator. He loves meaningful conversations and improving the lives of children everywhere.

Agate Fadaei

Board director & pharmaceutical expert

An expert in Pharmaceuticals with a passion for fashion and arts, Agate is also an award-winning cook who can groove with the best on the dance floor!

With such diverse talents, Agate is bringing new perspectives to our strategies that demonstrate how much love she has for children.

Ary Bornoush

Board & construction development director

Ary's impressive qualifications make him an ideal project manager for Essential Need’s operations. He has managed the construction of some of Australia's largest residential projects.

Ary is a pragmatist but also believes in the inherent strength and goodness of humanity. He gives what he can, including as a regular blood donor.

Yana Parsi

Director of Education

An expert in the medical field, Yana has specialised in vascular sonography and held various roles in the Australasian College of Phlebology.

Yana has an exceptional love for humanity and is a caring parent and animal lover, She has travelled the world, speaks seven languages and has many stories to tell. She loves to cook.  

Samuel Adeoti

Managing Director Nigeria & CEO at FairAction

Having experienced first-hand extreme water poverty during childhood, Samuel is a survivor who has thrived - and an excellent example of why it is worth saving every child.

Mr Adeoti is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and mathematician and is putting his experience and skills towards helping achieve Target 6.1 for Nigeria.

Ngozika Okaisabor

Hon Justice, Ph.D - Advisor for Target 6.1 Nigeria

Hon Justice Okaisabor is well known and widely regarded for her integrity and helping Nigeria become a better country.

She is filled with compassion and is a strong voice in helping achieve access to clean water for every community in Nigeria.

Chukwuma Ekomaru

Director General - Governors' Forum, Nigeria

Mr Ekomaru is the Director-General of the Southeast geo-political zone containing five states with estimated population of 20 million citizens. 

He is an influential leader who wants only the best for Nigerians. Together, we have joined forces to achieve Target 6.1 for Abia, Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi and Imo states.

Geoff Silk

NGO & government relations advisor

Geoff brings the experience of his rich career to help Essential Need connect with government officials and onboard them to Mission 2030.

A former chief executive of the British Army, Geoff uses his diverse experience across professional and leadership development to build strong partnerships that will change the world.

Ehsan Razavi

Software Architect

Ehsan is a software specialist with vast experience in developing software systems. A very friendly and fun guy, Ehsan is also highly passionate about his work and in helping achieve Target 6.1. 

He's a big fan of good music, so don't be surprised to find Ehsan next to you at a concert. 

Faraz Maghami

Barrister & advisor

Faraz is a founding advisor to the Board. He has been instrumental in developing our constitution, managing legal requirements and defining our mission.

Busy as a barrister and human rights activist, Faraz loves to enjoy nature when he can get some spare time.

Manju Chandrasegaram

General surgeon, senior lecturer & brand ambassador

If you need surgery, you will certainly want someone with Manju's experience and skill as your surgeon.

Spiritual, intelligent and fun, Manju has been part of the Essential Need journey from the very start, providing her Rez and his team some much-needed inspiration. 

Rostam Faraji

Advisor to board, Professor in food science & technology

Rostam has experienced extreme poverty. He dedicated himself to his education, refusing to accept that poverty made him less worthy of a meaningful life.

He now lives to help others and is a shining example of what the world gains when children have an opportunity to break the cycle of extreme poverty.

Ben Rasa

Head of small business partnerships

Healthy and fit, sharp and kind, Ben has cracked the formula for success. He is a performance coach with vast experience in retail.  

Ben is responsible for leading the team that is transforming Sydney businesses into conscious businesses, and he's worked to create over 1000 partnerships already. 

Clare Koh

Dermatologist & brand ambassador

Clare is a kind-hearted and hardworking dermatologist, interested in all aspects of skin disease. Sharp and humorous, she loves to have deep and meaningful, but fun conversations.

She is on a mission to advance awareness about our mission through the Australian Medical Association and Hillsong Church.


Bobbie Couhbor

Head of technology & solutions

A keen IT enthusiast, Bobbie loves staying across technology trends and finding new ways to improve business capabilities and efficiencies.

Bobbie is continuously improving Essential Need's systems, and increasing organisational efficiencies and productivity. He has a great sense of humour and it is always a pleasure to work with him. 

Ray Vafa

Head of Cloud Infrastructure and Data

Ray is a complete tech-head, with experience across more programs and platforms than most people even know exist.

Known for being cool, calm and collected, Ray brings an innovative edge to the technology of Essential Need and our goal to achieve Mission 2030.

Amanda Vanelderen

WorkWords founder and copywriter

Amanda from WorkWords loves to make connections through her copywriting. She thrives on helping all kinds of businesses and social enterprises build their brands, engage their audiences and affect change.

Born to write, she got her first typewriter at age 6, and has never looked back!

Peter Kamper


Peter is described by those who know him as “cool and caring”. A truly powerful combination.

With over 20 years of experience in making meaningful connections through marketing, strategy, sales and business development, Peter is helping take Essential Need by building a community ready to get serious about changing the world.

Omid Faraji

I.T. expert & operational efficiency planner

Omid has been involved with Essential Need from the beginning, setting up and managing our I.T. system’s architecture, teams, development and support.

Omid is a senior I.T. engineer and consultant who is famous for his attention to detail and contagious laugh!

Nico Muralla

Software Development Manager

Nico is passionate about quality software and is as fast as a bullet in execution, an awesome recipe for success.

Nico strongly believes in child rights, and puts his skills to great use as an advocate for Mission 2030. 

Arman Masoudi

Business solutions architect in Microsoft & advisor

With diverse experience in cloud, automation, CRM, management solutions, and more, Arman is responsible for the sales and marketing strategy of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product suite. 

Arman's work ethic is well known, as is his compassion and commitment to making our world a better place for all.

Deng Adut

Lawyer, human rights activist & brand ambassador

Arriving in Australia as a refugee, Deng put himself through law school. He began his story fighting as a child soldier in Sudan, and he now stands up in court to fight for refugee rights.

Deng was awarded the 2017 NSW Young Australian of the Year and he is the author of a memoir, Songs of a War Boy. 

Silva Wei

Founder, educator & ambassador program co-founder

Silva is an educator, philanthropist, and IT enthusiast. Highly motivated himself, he inspires and helps others in achieving their noble dreams and goals.

Silva's contribution to our ambassador program has been monumental, spreading education about extreme water poverty worldwide.

David Wamaitha

Activist development coordinator Kenya

As an educator, David creates new educators through social services in Kenya. 

David has experienced water poverty first-hand and is dedicated to raising awareness about our Target 6.1 solution in Kenya.  

Chi Yan

Senior Software Engineer

Chi Yan is a senior software engineer who has worked across diverse industries. She is as comfortable wielding her tech skills as she is learning new things.

Chi is passionate about using technology skills to create positive change in the world.

Rakhi Swales


Rakhi is a communications professional with over 20 years of experience. She has written for different brands, for different audiences and in different countries.

She believes in the power of language and is on a journey to change the world for the better, one word at a time.  

Vincenzo Alaia

Senior Software Engineer

Vince is a software expert and his IT journey has seen him learn a multitude of skills and apply them across different industries, solutions and challenges. 

Vince believes his knowledge and talents have a larger purpose - to help shape a better future for our planet and he follows any path that helps him fulfil his vision.

Faizan Arif

Campaign Director

Faizan is a Management Consultant at KPMG Australia. A true entrepreneur, he has set up IT and retail companies and worked across enterprises to enable digital, data, and online capabilities. 
A UN Sustainable Development Goals ambassador, Faizan brings his expertise in strategy and analysis to help deliver strong outcomes across key campaigns.  

Sep Mahdavi

Head of IoT

An experienced engineering leader and entrepreneur, Sepehr has a long track record of leading and executing successful business outcomes and building high performing teams. 

Sep brings together his passion for people and technology to create the same high-performing outcomes for global and social impact with our team.  

Belinda Kelly

Senior Education Consultant

Belinda is an educator, helping build a world of curious, confident and responsible young students. She encourages them to find their voices and use those voices to impact change, connect with their worlds and achieve their very best. 

Belinda uses her own strong voice to create social conscience, empower communities and drive positive change in the world.  

Farshad Babaaiee

Senior Business Analyst

Farshad is a business analyst and expert in Information Management, Finance and Process Improvement. He has a strong background in both Agile and Lean improvement methodologies.

Farshad thrives in challenging roles and brings his considerable talents to helping the team achieve Target 6.1.  

Ana Maricic

Digital Campaign Specialist

Ana is a digital campaign and design professional with over 12 years of experience in driving successful campaigns. Ana has applied her varied talents across diverse businesses and industries.  

She now brings her vast skills to help the team achieve our goals in our effort to provide clean drinking water for all by 2030.  

Maria Doulakis

Senior Education Consultant

Maria is an HSIE Head Teacher at Georges River College Hurstville Boys. She shares her passion for how humans interact with the world with bright young minds.

She brings the same passion to Essential Needs as a senior education consultant. 


Alice Zhikhareva


Alice specialises in web design, illustration and 2D animation. She loves to tell stories of amazing projects and the people behind them in a way that is engaging and understandable.

With experience across different fields, Alice is an integral part of Essential Needs storytelling and effort to achieve Target 6.1. 

Janet Wang

Senior Product Designer

Janet is an experienced UX/UI designer helping companies and clients translate complex user flows and functionalities into frictionless user experiences with elegant user interfaces.

She brings her passion for delivering the best outcomes to our team.

Emma Smith

Web Designer

A curious and ambitious designer, Emma combines her creativity and technical knowledge to craft web experiences that are visually pleasing, enjoyable and easy to use. 

She looks for every opportunity to further her development and learn new skills to inspire and broaden her creativity.

Tosin J Kayode

Geologiest and Field Expert

A Geologist and Community Development Practitioner, Tosin is also a UN SDG ambassador.

He brings his vast experience in sustainable development, governance, grassroots mobilization and technology to help increase equitable access to improved water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) services.


A big thank you to every one of our supporters.

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