Meet Our Team and Supporters

We unite for a common purpose: Human Rights starting with clean water for all children.

From all walks of life and from all over the world, we are united by one goal. To end poverty and ensure every child has clean water, food and shelter. Add your voice to Mission 2020 to help our team and support the children who need us the most.

Rez Haremi

Founder, CEO & board member

The heart and soul of Essential Need, Rez is a visionary social entrepreneur who inspires through his commitment and a true belief he is here to serve. He walks the walk and works hard to make his dreams the new reality through achieving Mission 2020.

Rez is an Systems engineer and business advisor. He loves a meaningful conversation and improving the lives of children everywhere.

Ray Vafa

Software Development Manager

Ray is a complete tech head, with experience across more programs and platforms than most people know exist.

Known for being cool, calm and collected, Ray is on board to bring an innovative edge to the technology of Essential Need and Mission 2020.

Agate Fadaei

Pharmaceutical expert & committee member

Agate is a Pharmaceutical Expert and one of our committee members. She has helped in many areas such as feasibility and procedures.

Agate is a Scientist with lots of love for children and she is very arty.

Deng Adut

Brand Ambassador

Deng has a high profile as 2017 NSW Young Australian of the Year and author of a memoir, Songs of a War Boy.

Arriving in Australia as a refugee, Deng put himself through law school. From fighting as a child soldier in Sudan, he now stands up in court to fight for refugee rights as a co-founder and partner at AC Law Group.

Sam Tajvidi

Partnerships director & board member

Sam as a founding board member is a champion of organisations partnering for a common purpose. He was in on the ground floor of Essential Need with smart, strategic advice on getting businesses involved to spread the word.

Sam is a marketing expert, animal rights advocate and general business guru.

Silva Wei

Brand Ambassador

Silva is an entrepreneur, educator, mentor, philanthropist and IT enthusiast.

As a highly motivated and good willed individual, he inspires and helps others in achieving their noble dreams and goals. Silva is passionate about Mission 2020 and believes in advancing education to raise voices for ending extreme water poverty around the world.

Ary Bornoush

Design & project management advisor

Ary is well qualified to help project manage Essential Need’s operations. He has managed construction of over 10,000 apartment projects.

Ary believes in the inherent strength and goodness of humanity. A pragmatist, one of his many kind acts is being a regular blood donor.

Faraz Maghami

Barrister & board member

Faraz is a founding board member, who has been instrumental in developing our constitution, managing legal requirements and defining our mission.

Busy as a barrister and human rights activist, Faraz loves to enjoy nature when he can get some spare time!

Geoff Silk

NGO & Government Relations Advisor

Geoff is bringing his rich career history to help Essential Need connect with Australian NGOs involved in foreign water aid, and get them on board Mission 2020.

A former military man, Geoff is ready to use his diverse experience across professional and leadership development, executive coaching and mentoring to build strong partnerships that will change the world.

Nico Muralla

Software Engineer

Nico is passionate about quality software and is as fast as a bullet in execution, an awesome recipe for success.

Nico strongly believes in child rights and is a great advocate for Mission 2020. 

Bobbie Couhbor

Head of Technology & Solutions

A keen IT enthusiast, Bobbie loves staying across technology trends and finding new ways to improve businesses capabilities and efficiencies.

A lifelong learner, he is committed to finding innovative ways for technology to help refugees and eradicate extreme poverty.

Kaveh Arya

Social advisor & board member

Kaveh as a founding board member has first-hand experience as a refugee, and an honours degree in human rights. He brings a special insight into leading grass roots social change campaigns.

Kaveh is a fitness guru that trains champions, and an unlikely looking poet.

David Wamaitha

Activist Development Coordinator Kenya

David motivates others to grow their Care Networks and to share their personal stories of water poverty, so we can all remember what we’re working towards.

He has experienced water poverty first hand and is dedicated to raising awareness in Kenya and across the globe. Contact David if you want to hear first-hand stories

Omid Faraji

CTO & board member

Omid as a founding board member has been involved from the beginning, setting up and managing our I.T. system’s architecture, teams, development and support.

Omid is a senior I.T. engineer and consultant who is famous for his attention to detail and contagious laughs!

Antonina Pilat

Lawyer & board member

Antonina is a lawyer and associate to three barristers. Compassionate and precise, she works closely with the Chair to keep board meetings effective and productive.

Antonina combines the precision and accuracy of a lawyer, with compassion and a commitment to social justice.

Amanda Vanelderen

WorkWords founder and copywriter

Amanda loves to make a connection through her copywriting. She thrives on helping all kinds of businesses and social enterprises build their brands, engage their audiences and affect change.

Born to write, she got her first typewriter at age 6, and never looked back!

Azad Mortazavi

CEO at Hunterstore and business development advisor

A business development advisor, Azad is disrupting the stone industry by delivering stones straight from the mine to your door.

His philosophy is beautiful in its simplicity. Love is the essence of our happiness. Happiness, freedom and success will flow from love!

Nicko De La Cruz

UI/UX designer

Nicko brings his creative talents to help out the team with graphic design to keep our message looking professional.

In his spare time, he is a model. Strike a pose Nicko!

Rostam Faraji

Professor & pharmacist, human rights advisor

Rostam has experienced extreme poverty. He knows what it is to have nothing but a will to change your circumstances. Through dedication to education, he refused to accept poverty made him less worthy of a meaningful life.

He lives to help others, and is a real life example of what the world gains when children have an opportunity to break the cycle of extreme poverty.

Ari Yeganeh

Brand Ambassador

Ari has a passion for solving big, meaningful problems. So he fits right in at Essential Need.

An analytics and insights guru for eBay, Ari has worked with big brands to teach them how to be smart with data and use it to drive innovation and growth. He has a simple philosophy borrowed from the Dalai Lama, be happy and useful.

Peter Kamper


Peter is described by those who know him as “cool and caring”. What a combination.

With over 20 years’ experience in making meaningful connections through marketing, strategy, sales and business development, Peter is ready to take Essential Need into the stratosphere and build a community ready to get serious and change the world.


A big thank you to every one of our supporters.

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