Water scarcity is losing the world billions

Water poverty has been identified as one of the world's greatest economic risk factors by policymakers and business leaders. These risks include financial stability, supply line security and long-term financial growth.

Water scarcity is losing the world billions
An estimated $260 billion is lost globally each year due to lack of basic water and sanitation.


When you consider that water poverty is one of the leading causes of disease and death, it places a significant burden on medical infrastructure. The cost of illness and life impacts the workforce making economic growth sluggish and, in some cases, moving backwards.

The distances that families, particularly women and girls, need to travel to access water, takes over an hour per trip, on average. That's time lost every single day. Costing the households income and over time adding millions to economic loss.

Right now, the crisis is at a situation where it's a fight to survive.

Right now, the crisis is at a situation where it's a fight to survive.

Target 6.1 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal - is on a mission to end water poverty by 2030. So that such a basic need and human right doesn't come in the way of individuals, families, and the overall economy being able to thrive.

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