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Ambassador for United Nations Global Goal - Clean Water for All by 2030
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Hi, welcome to my Activist and Impact Profile, dedicated to helping achieve access to clean water for All by 2030. A key target of United Nations Global Goal, Target 6.1.


784 million people do not have access to clean water. Check World Water Meter for full details.


Watch the story of Violet in Africa to be convinced this issue needs to be fixed as a matter of emergency! 


Thankfully the UN’s Target 6.1 and Target 6.1 Map offer a lasting solution. Target 6.1 Map is a centralised and transparent mapping system that enables the comprehensive management of water projects for every affected community. Click here to see the map’s functionality.    


Through my word of mouth I have created more than 800,000 days of clean water for people in need. Each day is 20 Litres. I am also donating $1 a day which is creating 400 Litres of water per day. That is enough water for 20 people in need.


I love seeing my donation being matched or beaten if it is affordable to you or for your business. Otherwise you can just make a one-off donation of as little as $3 AUD and that will create 60 water days which is 1,200 Litres of clean water. Please click on the button below to donate clean water.


I look forward to being connected with you here, in support of UN Global Goal of Clean Water for All by 2030.

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Target 6.1 Nigeria by FairAction

Kemi from Ora village fetching dirty water 5 hours each day. This ordeal can become history for Kemi and her community of 500, with your support.
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Paul ’s Care Network To give the voiceless a voice in support of ending water poverty - it's free.

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