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I'd love you to join my Care Network in support of ending extreme water poverty by 2020 - or - Donate Clean Water. Why?

There are many reasons, but I will share with you three stories, and you can judge for yourself.

Story 1: Meet Grace

It was a warm summer evening, and 14-year-old Grace was rushing down the narrow and secluded path 4km from her village, Namayingo District, to Lake Victoria in Uganda to collect water for her family as her everyday task. She filled her 15L Jerry Can and balanced it on her head; she turned to make her way back home. But something was on the path before her. She squinted her eyes and counted four men. Startled and confused, she tried not to panic. Grace quickly attempted to walk around them. But the men didn’t allow it. One of them snatched her wrist. Another knocked the Jerry Can off of her head. Grace tried to scream, but a heavy hand covered her mouth. Together, the men dragged her into the bushes, where three of them pinned her down, and the other one raped her. This tragedy happens every day in many water impoverished regions of the earth.

Story 2: Meet Sarah

Years later Grace is still doing her daily duty and fetching water from Lake Victoria. This time she is safe from any hazard. She takes home the collected water and the water is consumed by family members one of them being her 4 years young Sarah. After drinking the contaminated water Sarah gets extreme diarrhea. Sarah passes away. 

Now imagine being the parent of Grace or Sarah --- Does this hurt?

Story 3: Children Per Woman

In areas that story 1 and 2 take place, in an attempt to find security, women tend to have 6 to 7 children of which about 4 to 5 survive. The population in such areas is more than doubling each generation. Watch this presentation by Prof Hans Rosling who dedicated his life educating the world about this topic. The impact of excessive population growth in such areas are: 

  • Millions of more refugees worldwide
  • Further population density and urban growth
  • Food and resource scarcity
  • Increased crime rates due to fighting over resources for survival in our cities
  • Increased global warming due to each extra person’s carbon footprint
  • An extra billion extremely poor people all needing help
  • Increased mortality and suffering
  • Civil wars

Empower Mission 2020

Extreme water poverty is damaging all of us and the solution to ending all of the above stories from happening and is an Essential Need for every one of us. Join Mission 2020 to help unlock government funding from 49 very high developed nations through lobbying. You can read this letter for the attention of the Australian government - similar letters are being sent to the other 48 governments. Your voice has the power to help end extreme water poverty and save 15 lives due to unlocking government funding!

Thank you for reading - please join or donate toward Mission 2020.

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UNICEF Water Purification Program

This program is designed to purify contaminated water for human beings suffering from water poverty at locations where the need is greatest.

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