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844 million people don't have access to clean water and 1.5 million children die because of that, every year. Stats by United Nations.

The media and governments are acting as if this is not happening. Now that I have came to realise this I cannot turn my head and act as if this is fine.

Target 6.1 of the UN Sustainable Development goals is to achieve clean water for all by 2030. Thank God for this Target.

Please join my Care Network to show your support for Target 6.1 and donate towards achieving it. 

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Supported Projects

UNICEF Water Purification Program

This program is designed to purify contaminated water for human beings suffering from water poverty at locations where the need is greatest.

Ora Igbomina

Kemi from Ora-Igbomina village carrying out her daily routine of fetching dirty water three times a day, taking her five hours

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