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QE Foodstores Waverley joined our Mission to help provide access to “Clean Water for All by 2030”. This Mission was initiated by the United Nations.

A big thank you to QE Foodstores Waverley’s team and customers for joining this extremely important mission on 15 March 2018.

At QE Foodstores we are proudly part of your local community. We nimbly adjust to your needs and requests – because we are truly independent. As an Australian family-owned business we are dedicated to giving our customers only the best, most effortless shopping experience at all our stores.

Convenient neighbourhood locations
We are excited that our large product range of everyday and gourmet foods, the freshness of our vegetables and fruit, our competitive prices, plus our friendly customer service have made QE Foodstores a firm favourite with food shoppers across many Sydney neighbourhoods. And we keep on adding stores – so keep an eye out in your local area!

Locally sourced. Quality range.
All QE Foodstores carry only the freshest fruit and vegetables possible – all straight from Sydney’s best markets. Our quality range of products (well over 5,000 at last count) is carefully picked for its quality and variety, and includes specialty and gourmet goods, as well as affordable everyday brands. We listen to our customers, and are always on the lookout for new products to give you the best shopping experience possible.

A badly kept secret!
Word-of-mouth has started to spread beyond our loyal local customers and our large product range of staple, specialty and gourmet groceries is now attracting people from surrounding suburbs, who are making a special trip for a special treat.

Giving back
Our family-owned food stores have strong ties to the local community. We believe in giving back to the neighbourhood that has welcomed us, and actively support Oz Harvest, and the local churches and schools.

QE Foodstores Waverley's Voice

We can't wait to see every person have access to clean water as soon as possible.


Let's end extreme water poverty together.

QE Foodstores Waverley's Care Network

Supported Projects

Ora Igbomina

Kemi from Ora-Igbomina village carrying out her daily routine of fetching dirty water three times a day, taking her five hours


QE Foodstores Waverley 's Care Network
To give the voiceless a voice in support of ending water poverty - it's free.

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