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Kemi from Ora-Igbomina village carrying out her daily routine of fetching dirty water three times a day, taking her five hours



Ora-Igbomina is an ancient town in Ifedayo region, Osun State, Nigeria. This state has an area of 128 square kilometers and a population of 37,058 (census 2006). Ora-Igbomina is conjoining boundary town among Osun, Ekiti and Kwara States.

Primitively, farming and hunting was the predominant occupation for the people of Ora-Igbomina. The modern-day Igbominas have more interest in Education, their children want to go to school so that they can become teachers, doctors, lawyers, and respective members of the global society. Unfortunately, many of these ambitious kids dreams have been cut short as many die annually due to diseases like diarrhea caused by lack of access to clean water.

As a result, EssentialNeed and FairAction have joined forces together to bring an end to water poverty in the Igbomina community through borehole projects. Both charities are DGR-status.


Cost of a Borehole
The cost of each well is $10,000usd. 100% of this amount is allocated to the project in the Igbomina community (with $0 admin fees). In addition, we provide project update during and at the completion of each project.


Boreholes Needed
The number of boreholes needed is unknown yet to cover the whole of the population. But we are starting with the first one which will save children from heavy diarrhea caused by drinking dirty water. One borehole will deliver 10,000litters of clean water every day, this will benefit 500 people for 20 years.



from Ora Igbomina community in Osun-State, Nigeria, for all supporters.

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