Government Empowerment

Empowering Governments to Increase Their Foreign Aid Funding

There are two major ways a government is empowered to increase its foreign aid budget. Our approach is executing both ways, as explained below, which makes it the fastest way to achieve our funding plan. 


Empowerment 1- The Voices of Government Officials 

Taking Norway as an example, once there is a satisfactory number of positive responses from Members of Parliament of Norway and or officials of other countries then the minister in charge of foreign aid budget is easily enabled to increase the funding for contributing to ending extreme water poverty.


Our Correspondence With Government Officials

We correspond with every government official of each developed country explaining the problem, solution, and shared benefits. The correspondence can be found here. We will be starting our correspondence with the officials in order of their country's human development ranking. Norway has the highest ranking, therefore, we will start with Norway first. Click here to see the government officials of Norway.


Publishing Results

Once we start our correspondence with a country that sets in motion a continuation of correspondence until we have results. The flow as follows:


Step 1 

Correspondence is emailed to every official. On this page, you will see 'Informed' for every country's officials that we have emailed. If you click on the country and hover over the 'Informed' button you will see the date(s) of our correspondence(s) and you will be able to click on and be directed to the actual correspondence that was sent.

Officials that do not have a public email address will be marked as 'No Public Email'. 


Step 2 

Officials are asked to add their voice or provide a publication within 28 days. When an official adds their voice the 'Informed' button will turn to 'Voice Added'. If they provide publication the 'Informed' button with turn to 'Publication Provided' and if you click on that button you will be able to read the publication. 


Step 3 

For the officials that do not add their voice nor provide a publication, we send a follow-up email monthly until we have a response.


Step 4 

Once we have satisfactory responses from officials of different political parties from one country we approach the office of the Prime Minister or President for approving the funding plan. 


Empowerment 2- The Voice of the Public

We estimate with 100,000 voices, the funding plan will most likely be passed by the Norwegian government. Our estimation is derived from the below two past successes: is geared for advancing education about extreme water poverty and its side-effects to humanity through schools, universities, media, social media, civil society, and all other effective channels. You can find our schools program here or click here to see the number of voices added in real-time and you can add your voice here.

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