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Chilli Garden Thai joined our Mission to help provide access to “Clean Water for All by 2030”. This Mission was initiated by the United Nations.

A big thank you to Chilli Garden Thai’s team and customers for joining this extremely important mission on 12 May 2018.

The Certificate of Commitment can be found here.

Chilli Garden Thai is the one to trust when it comes to Thai and Asian cuisines. We are located at 172 Belmore Road, South Riverwood NSW, and we provide pickup and delivery services any day of the week. We offer a wide selection of Asian and Thai specialties such as Tom Kha, Pla Goong, BBQ, Tom Yum, Tom Yum Pho Teak, Larb, Tom Jud Woon Sen, Yum Nua, Yum Woon Sen, Num Tok, Thai Som Tum (Seasonal), Yum Talay, Yum Ped, Garden Salad, Massaman (Beef Only), and many more. Just click the Order Online button if you want to sample a delightful Thai and Asian dishes at your own home.

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We can't wait to see every person have access to clean water as soon as possible.


Let's end extreme water poverty together.

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Ora Igbomina

Kemi from Ora-Igbomina village carrying out her daily routine of fetching dirty water three times a day, taking her five hours

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Chilli Garden Thai 's Care Network
To give the voiceless a voice in support of ending water poverty - it's free.

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