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I want every community to have access to clean water by the year 2030.This means so much to me simply because,my self i have been a victim of water poverty directly and also indirectly,Where i reside is a true picture of how water is one of the major issues to lack, primary schools that i have visited in kibera slum struggle on a daily basis for clean and enough water and that's why as a social worker and field instructor specialist i can't ignore the noble cause of spreading the awareness about water poverty in my country and my community.Our brothers and sisters from Turkana ,Wajir, Samburu the kamba's from far Eastern part of kenya are on a dry speel everyday walking kilometers far away in search of clean water and the most terrifying thing is those who are doing this duties are children who are supposed to be in school learning to be come leaders of tomorrow,our coastal region is not safe either children and adults are always on their way visiting hospitals and this is because they have used contaminated water, it pains me a lot when i watch news and see trudged of the so called water poverty has brought into our lives. This is my call,kindly through ESSENTIAL NEED come in and save the so potential lives that are dying mostly our children. Am so fueled to spread this awareness as far as my energy will enable me. On December 20th/2016 i happened to have visited kakamega county which is in the western side in the republic of Kenya, and i was touched, to see that teenage girls have to go for water down the stream which according to me, the water was not safe at all, reason being in the same stream some men and boys were taking their bath and the girls were busy fetching the water some few meter down the same stream.

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Target 6.1 Nigeria by FairAction

Kemi from Ora village fetching dirty water 5 hours each day. This ordeal can become history for Kemi and her community of 500, with your support.
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