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Traditional Gyradiko Rosebery joined our Mission to help provide access to “Clean Water for All by 2030”. This Mission was initiated by the United Nations.

A big thank you to Traditional Gyradiko Rosebery’s team and customers for joining this extremely important mission on 26 March 2018.

A taste of tradition straight from the Greek Islands to the streets of Sydney. Since The Traditional Gyradiko opened its Rosebery store in 2015, people have flocked to experience the mouth-watering authentic flavours of this family-run cuisine. Served with homely Greek hospitality, the Gyradiko team have perfected their recipes over decades in gyro outlets across Greece and Australia.

Taste a true traditional Gyro
Top quality lamb, pork and chicken from Australia’s best meat suppliers, filleted and marinated with spices and sauces according to customary recipes and layered one by one for roasting on a conventional vertical spit. The fat drains for a leaner cut while constant basting enhances the tantalizing flavours. Served with an old-style wholesome pita bread unique to The Traditional Gyradiko, homemade tzatziki and the finest farm-sourced tomatoes, onions, potatoes - This is what the real taste of traditional “gyro” is.


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Highlights info row image 447 Gardeners Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018

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Monday          4pm–10pm
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Traditional Gyradiko Rosebery's Voice

We can't wait to see every person have access to clean water as soon as possible.


Let's end extreme water poverty together.

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Ora Igbomina

Kemi from Ora-Igbomina village carrying out her daily routine of fetching dirty water three times a day, taking her five hours

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Traditional Gyradiko Rosebery 's Care Network
To give the voiceless a voice in support of ending water poverty - it's free.

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