Ogalo Parramatta

Fast Food & Burger Restaurant

Essential Need's Message

Ogalo Parramatta joined our Mission to help provide access to “Clean Water for All by 2030”. This Mission was initiated by the United Nations.

A big thank you to Ogalo Parramatta’s team and customers for joining this extremely important mission on 19 February 2018.

About Ogalo Parramatta

Colourful counter-serve chain specialising in Portuguese-style BBQ chicken, plus burgers and wraps.


Highlights info row image 277A Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150

Highlights info row image Hours 11:30am - 11:45pm

Highlights info row image (02) 9635 5151


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Ogalo Parramatta's Voice

We can't wait to see every child have access to clean water as soon as possible and urge our leaders to act. 

Let's end extreme water poverty together. 


Ogalo Parramatta's Care Network

Supported Projects

UNICEF Water Purification Program

This program is designed to purify contaminated water for human beings suffering from water poverty at locations where the need is greatest.


Ogalo Parramatta 's Care Network
To give the voiceless a voice in support of ending water poverty - it's free.

Contact Details
  • Information:
  • info@essentialneed.org
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  • support@essentialneed.org
  • Phone:
  • +61 2 8006 0200