Child Mortality Leads to Overpopulation

More than 2 billion people live below the poverty line. Parents in poor countries have 5 children on an average, out of which 1 usually dies due to health conditions. As a result, 2 parents are replaced by 4 children in the next generation, unlike other developed countries where 2 parents are often replaced by 2 children.

The longer it takes to end child poverty, the longer it will take to slow down overpopulation. Therefore, to un-populate the planet, we must save the children.

Help Reduce Overpopulation

Your Voice empowers the Government Officials of 51 Developed Countries (rated as having Very High Human Development by the UN) to fund accredited NGO’s to provide access to clean water for every child by the year 2020. Government Officials are emailed this correspondence letter and their responses will be published on our blog.

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When You Donate Water

You save the life of a child. By donating as little as $3, you can supply 60 days of clean water to children who do not have access to it. By contributing to this greater cause, you are helping end extreme water poverty, overpopulation, deforestation, refugee crisis, global warming and mass suffering.

$3 = 60
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